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Cursive isn’t being taught as widely as it once was, but that’s all the more reason to want to learn it on your own. If you stumbled upon this page because you were hoping to learn how to write a cursive “a” you’ll be happy to know that’s exactly what we intend to teach you. It’s important to note that there are actually a wide variety of different cursive fonts that exist which go from basic to quite fancy. The differences in cursive writing are what make it so interesting and fun to learn, especially since you can incorporate your own flair into your cursive writing once you learn the basics. On this page, we’ll be concentrating on D’Nealian cursive which is the most commonly taught cursive writing in the US to those who’re first learning.

How Do You Write a Lowercase Cursive “a”?

Being the first letter of the alphabet, learning cursive writing by mastering the cursive “a” is how most people begin their journey. The good news is that of all the different cursive letters, the cursive “a” is one of the easiest to master. While there are a couple of common mistakes that those who’re first learning may commit, a little practice and repetition should allow you to master the cursive “a” in a relatively short period of time. To get the ball rolling and to understand the correct way to write a cursive “a” one of the best initial steps you can take is to watch a video of someone writing with the proper technique. The videos below will show you how to write a cursive “a” along with the common mistakes to avoid when writing it.

Watch a how-to video

Video showing how to write the Lowercase letter "a" in cursive

Once you have watched the videos a time or two, the next step is to get you to try and write cursive as well. This can be done by taking out a notebook and following the strokes in the video on your paper. Another option is to use a cursive “a” worksheet (which we provide below) where you can follow dotted lines while watching the video or in your own spare time on your own. The main point is that in order to get better at cursive writing, you need to practice that writing. Since the cursive “a” is fairly easy to master, it’s a wonderful first letter to begin with on your journey to learn how to write cursive.

Try one of the worksheets

It’s our hope that the videos and worksheets on how to write a cursive lowercase “a” have been informative and helped you to master this first cursive letter. If this is the case, you can then move on to practicing and mastering your next cursive letter. One of the main goals of creating this particular page, and this website as a whole, was to make the learning of cursive letters and cursive writing both simple and fun so that more people will want to learn how to write in cursive. We’re always looking for suggestions and ideas on ways we can improve this page and make learning the cursive “a” even easier. If you have a comment you want to pass along to us, please feel free to use the contact link to let us know. The more we hear from those who use this page, the more improvements we can make to make this the best cursive page on mastering the cursive letter “a”.