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One of the disappointing trends for those who like cursive writing is that many schools have decided to reduce the number of hours spent teaching cursive to students. Some schools have even gone so far as to completely eliminate their cursive writing curriculum. The result is that more and more people are searching online for free resources that can help them learn cursive or help them practice it more. It’s with this in mind we created this website where you can find resources to help you learn any of the capital letters or lowercase letters of the alphabet in cursive. This specific page provides resources to help you learn how to write a cursive “y”.

While many may assume that this page is for students or other individuals who are trying to learn how to write a cursive “y”, it can actually be quite helpful to others as well. For parents who are homeschooling their kids and are looking for ways to teach cursive to them, these resources can prove to be quite valuable. In the same way, teachers who have students who are struggling to learn how to write a cursive “y” (or any other cursive letter) can use these resources to help the students practice at home on their own. Anyone who wants to learn cursive or anyone who is hoping to help others learn can take advantage of the resources on this page.

This page provides two valuable resources for those wanting to learn to write a cursive “y”. One of these is a video that explains in detail the correct way to write the letter. As a bonus, it also details some of the mistakes that are easy to make if you aren’t careful so that you can avoid making them. The other resource provided is a downloadable and printable cursive “y” worksheet with helpful tracing lines on it. These tracing lines can help make it easier to learn the correct stroke and help build confidence in writing the letter.

For those interested in the type of cursive taught on these pages, the website uses D’Nealian cursive. While there are many different cursive fonts that exist and none of them are any better than any other when it comes to “correct” cursive, D’Nealian cursive does offer some advantages to beginner learners. The most obvious is that D’Nealian cursive is one of the more basic cursive fonts without a lot of fancy embellishments. This makes it a much easier font to learn than most. It’s also the font chosen by the vast majority of schools in the US to teach their students. Both these make it a good starter cursive for anyone to learn and a wonderful cursive foundation for anyone who decides to pursue fancier cursive fonts at a later date.

How to Write a Lowercase Cursive “y”

While the cursive “y” isn’t an overly difficult cursive letter to learn to write, it will still take some effort and practice in order to master it. For those who want to learn how to write it in the most efficient way possible, the first step is to not actually try to write it with a pencil and paper but to watch a video on the correct way to write it. The video will give a good visual of how the cursive “y” should be written and you can pay special attention to mistakes to avoid when writing it. Getting this information before trying to write it on your own will help make it much easier to write when you do put your pencil to paper.

Video showing how to write the Lowercase letter "y" in cursive

You should watch the video again and again until you are quite confident that you can write a cursive “y” on your own. Once you reach this point, the next step is to print out the cursive “y” worksheet so that you have it in front of you. Using the trace lines on the worksheet will confirm that the video visual and how you actually write it match. If you do it in unison while watching the video, you will ensure that you get the stroke right and you avoid the most common mistakes. Once you are confident enough with your cursive “y” that you can begin to practice it on standard lined paper, and you should continue to practice until you have it memorized. Even then, it can be quite helpful to circle back to the video and worksheet from time to time to make sure you haven’t accidentally picked up any of the common bad habits.

Try one of the worksheets

The cursive “y” worksheet and video are both no-cost resources that anyone with the desire to learn how to write cursive can use. It’s our goal to continually improve on these resources to help make learning cursive writing as easy as possible. If you found the video and worksheet helpful, we’d appreciate hearing what you found to be the most beneficial. If there are improvements you’d like to see made, we’d also be interested in learning about these. The more we understand about why you’re trying to learn cursive and your likes and dislikes of this page, the better we can improve it for those using it in the future.