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Cursive writing has taken some hits over the past few years. There have been a number of schools who have deemphasized the need of it for school kids by reducing the amount of time spent on teaching it in class, and in some cases completely eliminating it from the school curriculum. While it may be more difficult to learn cursive writing in school, it’s our hope that it’s easier than ever to learn how to write cursive with free online tools. This page provides two key resources that can help anyone interested in becoming proficient in cursive writing. The first is a video that shows the proper way to write cursive letters and the other is a cursive letter worksheet to help master those letters. This particular page focuses on how to write a cursive capital O in D’Nealian cursive. While there are a large number of different cursive fonts, we focus on D’Nealian cursive since it’s the most commonly taught cursive to students at schools in the US. It’s also a basic cursive font which makes it much easier to master than some of the fancier cursive fonts that exist.

How to Write a Cursive Capital “O”

When it comes to cursive capital letters, the cursive capital O is one of the easier letters to learn. This means that with just a bit of effort and practice, you should be able to master the cursive capital O without too much trouble, especially compared to some of the more difficult cursive capital letters in the alphabet. Although this isn’t the most difficult letter to learn, it still makes sense to take a methodical approach to learn it so that you can master it as quickly as possible. This means it makes sense to sit down and watch a video on the correct way to write a cursive capital O so you are familiar with the proper stroke and you’re aware of the common pitfalls that beginners tend to make when first writing it.

How to Write a Capital O in Cursive

After watching the video a time or two, the next step is to actually write a cursive capital O on your own. Again, it makes sense to take this slowly and begin with a cursive capital O worksheet while watching the video again. The capital O worksheet will allow you to trace the stroke until you become familiar with it while the video will help ensure you avoid mistakes. By beginning this way you’ll set yourself up in the best way possible to quickly master the cursive capital O so you can move on to mastering other cursive letters. It’s good to remember that if at any time you have issues when practicing the cursive capital O on your own, you can always refer back to the video or worksheet to view the correct way to write it.

Try one of the worksheets

We’re always interested in hearing from you if you found this page to be useful, especially any ideas you have on ways that we can improve the resources on it. If you found the information valuable, please feel free to share it with others who could also benefit from it. We hope these free online cursive letter resources can be of benefit to teachers who want their students to practice outside the classroom as well as homeschooling parents that want to teach their kids how to write cursive. In the end, our hope is that anyone interested in learning how to write the cursive capital O can do so on their own at no cost with the help provided on this page.