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It’s becoming more common for schools in the US to reduce (and sometimes completely eliminate) the number of hours spent teaching their students how to write cursive. Due to these reduced teaching hours, people are turning to online resources to get more practice and to better understand the proper way to write cursive. This page is dedicated to anyone who is looking for information on how to write a cursive “w”. On this website, you can find information and resources on how to write any lowercase or capital cursive letter, but this particular page is for those who are specifically wanting to learn how to write a cursive “w”.

This page actually attracts a wide variety of people looking for more information on the cursive “w”. Parents who have decided to homeschool their children and need helpful resources to do so have found this page to be useful. Students who are having a bit of trouble with the cursive “w” at school and need some extra practice can utilize the resources to learn and improve. Even teachers who have students that need a bit of extra help can assign this page to them to help them quickly improve. Each cursive letter page contains two important resources. Each has a video for the letter (in this case the letter “w”) explaining the proper way to write it and also to explain some common mistakes that are made by beginners when first learning to write it. In addition, there’s a cursive “w” worksheet with trace lines and practice areas to help students better write before practicing on their own.

For those interested in the font being used, this page (and all the pages on the website) uses D’Nealian cursive. While there are many different cursive fonts that exist and no one font is better than any other, there are a couple of important benefits to D’Nealian cursive. The first is that it’s the cursive the vast majority of people in the US are already familiar with because it’s the font that’s used to teach at most schools in the US. It’s also one of the more basic cursive fonts without a lot of fancy extras which makes it one of the easier cursive styles to teach. This makes it one of the best foundational cursive fonts that can be used to move onto fancier cursive fonts once mastered.

How to Write a Lowercase Cursive “w”

Learning how to write a cursive “w” falls somewhere near the center of the easiest to the hardest lowercase cursive letter to learn. It’s definitely not the easiest cursive letter that you’ll learn, but it’s also not nearly as difficult to learn and some of the harder cursive letters. For those willing to put in the practice and time, you shouldn’t have too much difficulty mastering it. The best first step in this mastery comes with putting down your pencil and watching the video. The video will help you visualize the proper stroke to write the cursive “w” while also explaining common pitfalls to avoid that many beginners accidentally make when first learning to write it. While you may be tempted to watch the video only once, the more times you do will actually help make mastering the cursive “w” that much easier when you do go to write it.

Video showing how to write the Lowercase letter "w" in cursive

Once you feel you have watched the video enough times that you’re confident to write a cursive “w” on your own, it’s still good to take the process slowly. Instead of using regular lined paper, it makes sense to download and print the cursive “w” worksheet. This worksheet will give you trace lines to follow to make sure your visual understanding matches the way it’s supposed to be written. In fact, the best way to begin writing on your own is to use the cursive “w” worksheet while at the same time watching the video. Doing this will ensure you get the stroke down correctly and will help you further avoid those common mistakes. Again, doing this a number of times should put you well on your way to writing a cursive “w” on your own. Don’t forget it’s always acceptable to come back to the cursive “w” worksheet and video to reconfirm your free writing is still matching the correct way to write it.

Try one of the worksheets

It’s our hope that you found this page informative and that you found both the video and cursive “w” worksheet beneficial in your quest to master this letter. If you found any positive or negative aspects while using this page, we’d certainly appreciate you contacting us to let us know. We’re also quite interested in learning if you’re a student, teacher, homeschool parent, or some other individual as the better we can understand who is using this page and resources the most, the better we can make improvements to it in the future. The ultimate goal is always to have the best page available to help those wanting to learn how to write a cursive “w”.