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For those who want to learn how to write cursive, you’ve landed in the right place. While cursive isn’t being taught as widely in schools as it once was, that doesn’t mean you don’t have an opportunity to learn how to write the cursive alphabet. In fact, this page, and this entire website, was created so that anyone who is interested in learning how to write cursive letters can do so in an easy and entertaining way. For those who homeschool, you’ll find that this website is a wonderful resource to help teach your kids how to write cursive and it’s also useful for teachers who want to assign extra practice outside of class to their students. On this page, we’ll be teaching how to write a cursive “g” but you can find a resource page for every lowercase and uppercase cursive letter that you want to learn or practice writing.

There are actually a lot of different cursive fonts that exist. This is important to understand so that you realize there isn’t a single correct way to write cursive. It’s one of the reasons that you’ll come to love cursive once you’ve mastered the basics. Since there are such a variety of different cursive fonts and the way that cursive flows when writing, you’ll have the opportunity to add your own unique style to your cursive so that it becomes your own. We’ve chosen to use D’Nealian cursive on this page and the entire website since it’s the type of cursive most often taught in elementary school to students in the US. The cursive “g” we teach here is a D’Nealian cursive “g”.

How to Write a Lowercase Cursive “g”

You’ll quickly learn that while the cursive “g” isn’t the most difficult cursive letter to write, it’s also not the easiest. That being said, it shouldn’t cause too much trouble and with just a bit of practice, you should be able to learn how to write a cursive “g” in a relatively short period of time. To do so, the first step is to watch a video so you can see the correct stroke to writing this letter and to also note some of the mistakes that beginners often make when first writing a cursive “g”. Taking the time to watch before you try to write yourself should help you master this letter more quickly than if you try to write it on your own without any help. Watching the video before trying to write will help you better avoid the common mistakes other beginners make.

Video showing how to write the Lowercase letter "g" in cursive

If you’ve watched the cursive “g” video enough times so that you have the basic concept in your head of how it should be written, you’re ready to begin attempting to write it yourself. To get the most out of your writing and the video, you should try writing the cursive “g” in your notebook or on another piece of paper at the same time as you’re watching the video. This will allow you to follow the flow of the cursive “g” so that you become comfortable with the stroke to create it. Writing the cursive “g” as you watch the video will also help you avoid making the little mistakes often seen from those who are writing a cursive “g” for the first time.

Another option to a notebook is to use a cursive “g” worksheet. This will give you dotted lines that you can follow to give you a bit more structure when writing a cursive “g” along with blank lines where you can practice the letter on your own. If can be useful to print out several of the cursive “g” worksheets. You can then use the first one to get the rhythm of writing a cursive “g” with the video, and then use the others to practice writing it at a later time. As you’ve probably already learned, the best way to master any cursive letter is to take the time to practice writing it as much as possible. The more you practice, the better you’ll get, and the faster you can move onto other cursive letters.

Try one of the worksheets

We’re happy that you have an interest in learning the cursive alphabet and we hope that this page has been helpful in teaching you how to write a cursive “g”. If this has been helpful, we hope you’ll take the time to let others know who are looking for a resource on cursive writing about this website. We’re also interested in hearing your opinions on how we can improve this page for others or any other comments you may have. The better we understand how those visiting this page are using it, the better we can make it for everyone.