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For anyone who wants to learn how to write cursive, free online cursive resources are becoming more and more important. Cursive writing was once taught to all students going to school, but that has been changing over time. Some schools have completely eliminated the cursive curriculum at their schools while others have cut back on the time spent and resources allocated to teaching cursive. One place that can help to mitigate the loss of this cursive writing teaching is online cursive resources like this page.

First and foremost, pages like this can help anyone who has a genuine interest in learning how to write cursive on their own. Since all the resources are free, all they have to do is follow the instructions, put in time and effort and they should be able to master cursive writing. They’re also an excellent supplemental resource for teachers who are teaching kids cursive. Teachers can assign their students to watch the videos and practice with the worksheets when they are at home to give the students more practice to learn and write cursive. For the growing number of families that homeschool their children, free cursive resources like this can be the building blocks to teach the entire course on how to write cursive letters. We’re concentrating on the cursive “p” on this page of the website, but you can find all the letters of the alphabet in cursive, including lowercase and uppercase, in the sidebar.

For the purposes of teaching how to write a cursive “p”, we’ll be using D’Nealian cursive. While there are plenty of different cursive fonts that exist, D’Nealian cursive is what’s most often taught in schools in the US. Those who were taught to write cursive in school likely learned D’Nealian cursive so it’s what most people see in their mind when someone says “cursive writing”. It’s also one of the more basic cursive fonts making it easier to learn than a lot of the fancier styles. Below you’ll get information on how to write a D’Nealian cursive “p”.

How to Write a Lowercase Cursive “p”

Learning to write a cursive “p” should be one of the easier cursive letters of the alphabet to learn. That being said, you’ll still need to practice until you gain the confidence to write it without help, but if you’re willing to spend some time you should be able to master it fairly quickly. To make mastering the cursive “p” as quick as possible, you’ll actually want to watch a demonstration of how to correctly write it before you try to write it yourself, much like a teacher would do if you were in a classroom. You can do this by watching the video below. An added benefit is that the video will show you the common mistakes people make when writing a cursive “p” for the first time.

Video showing how to write the Lowercase letter "p" in cursive

The best way to proceed after watching the video a few times is to actually watch it again, but this time write the cursive “p” at the same time as watching the video. If you have confidence in your cursive writing up until this point, you can use any paper and writing instrument you have handy. Doing this will help you master the stroke of the letter more quickly and help to ensure that you avoid the mistakes that are common to it. Continue to do this until you feel you can properly write the cursive “p” without any video help.

If you prefer a more school-like structure to your learning, you can download and print out a cursive “p” worksheet to help you practice this letter. Having the cursive “p” printable in front of you will give you dotted outlines of the “p” to make sure you’re writing the correct strokes and size and it’ll make it a little easier to follow along with the video. Again, use the printable worksheets for as long as you need until you’re comfortable writing the letter on your own. This cursive “p” worksheet can also be a valuable additional resource for teachers to give to students to use at home to practice their cursive. In the same way, it can be the main practice material for parents to give their children when they’re homeschooling them and teaching them to write cursive. In any of these situations where someone is learning to write a cursive “p”, this worksheet will give them structure and help them gain the confidence to eventually master it.

Try one of the worksheets

What did you think of the cursive “p” printable worksheet and video? Were these helpful in giving you the basics you needed in order to learn how to write a cursive “p”? Please contact us and let us know your thoughts. The more feedback we get from those who have used the video and the worksheet to learn to write cursive, the better we can adapt the resources to make it even easier for everyone who wants to learn cursive to do so. Please also feel free to let others know about these free online resources for those who might find this website informative and useful.