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Welcome to this page created to help you learn how to write a cursive capital T. There are a variety of reasons someone may be searching online for how to write a cursive capital T. With more and more schools making the decision to decrease the amount of time they teach cursive in the classroom, it’s important for students to have online resources to help them practice on their own. In some cases, cursive writing has been completely eliminated from the curriculum making online resources the only place for students to learn cursive if they are interested in learning this skill.

This page provides two main resources to help anybody learn how to write a cursive capital T. The first of these resources is a video that goes over the proper way to write a cursive T while also pointing out common errors those first learning sometimes make. The second of these resources is a cursive capital T worksheet. This worksheet gives examples and provides tracing lines to help ensure you get the stroke down while avoiding the common mistakes. Both the video and worksheet use D’Nealian cursive for these examples. D’Nealian cursive is what is taught to the vast majority of students in the US and it’s a basic cursive font that’s easier to learn than some of the fancier and more intricate cursive fonts.

How to Write a Cursive Capital “T”

The cursive capital isn’t one of the most difficult capital cursive letters to master, but it’s also not one of the easier ones. That means you’ll have to put in some effort and time to master it, but it should be doable without too much difficulty. The ideal way to begin is to put down the pen and paper and simply watch a video on how to write the cursive capital T. This will give you the visuals of how to write the stroke and you can see the mistakes you want to avoid before getting in the accidental habit of making them. You can watch the video as many times as needed until you feel comfortable trying to write the cursive capital T on your own.

How to Write a Capital T in Cursive

Once you’re confident enough to try writing the cursive capital T on your own, you still want to make the learning process as simple as possible. In this case, it makes sense to print out a cursive capital T worksheet that gives you trace lines to follow. You can then use the worksheet while watching the video again to begin practice writing the cursive capital T. You can continue to do this until you’re ready to attempt writing the cursive T fully on your own without the help of the video or worksheet. Continue to practice until you have mastered it, but understand that coming back to the video or worksheet to confirm you’re continuing to correctly write the cursive capital T.

Try one of the worksheets

If you found this page and the video and worksheet resources on it useful in your quest to learn and master how to write a cursive capital T, please also considering sharing and passing it on to others who could benefit from it. It would be wonderful if teachers can find these resources to be useful to help their students practice on their own at home and if homeschooling parents can use them to create a curriculum for their children to learn cursive. The more people who can learn cursive from these pages, the better. We’re also always interested in hearing ideas and thoughts on ways we can improve the resources to make it even easier for everyone who wants to learn cursive to do so. Please feel free to send us comments if you have ideas you’d like to share.