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If you came to this webpage in the hope of learning how to write a cursive “h”, you’ll be happy to know that we created this page with exactly that goal in mind. With fewer schools teaching cursive writing and those that still do spending less time in the classroom doing so, it helps to have an online cursive writing resource where you can practice your cursive writing. It’s also a great resource for those who homeschool and want their kids to learn how to write cursive, and also for teachers who want their students to practice writing cursive outside of school. The focus of this page is to teach the cursive “h”. If you’re looking for resources on how to write other cursive lowercase and uppercase letters, there are links to all of them in the sidebar of this page.

If you’ve done any research on cursive writing, you’ve likely found there are a large number of different cursive fonts. Some of them are quite basic while others are quite intricate and fancy. No one cursive font is better or worse than another, but for the sake of simplicity and to teach the basics, we use D’Nealian cursive since it’s the cursive taught by most schools in the US and what most people first learn. It’s a basic cursive font that helps reinforce the core strokes of cursive while not being overly difficult to write. This page will use D’Nealian cursive to teach how to write a cursive “h”.

How to Write a Lowercase Cursive “h”

If you have mastered the cursive letters that come before “h” in the alphabet, you shouldn’t have too much of a problem learning the cursive “h”. It’s one of the easier cursive letters to learn, especially if you’re willing to put in a little time and effort to practice. The best way to begin is not actually writing the cursive “h” but to watch a video of how to write it. Below you can find a video showing the correct way to write a cursive “h”. Watching before you begin writing will give your brain a good concept of the stroke and help you identify areas where those first learning sometimes make mistakes so you can avoid them when you do start to write. Watching before writing should help you master the cursive “h” faster in the long run.

Video showing how to write the Lowercase letter "h" in cursive

After watching the video on how to properly write a cursive “h” a few times, you should be ready to try and write it on your own. A great way to do this which can help you master it more quickly is to begin writing the cursive “h” in unison with the video. All you need to do is take out some writing material and something to write with, then follow the video and write the cursive “h” with it. It shouldn’t take much time for you to feel comfortable writing the cursive “h” and in doing it this way, you are much more likely to avoid the beginner mistakes that many others make.

Another option for those who want more structured practice is to use a cursive “h” worksheet we created that you can find below expressly for this purpose. This worksheet will give you dotted lines that you can trace as well as blank lines that allow you to practice the entire letter on your own. The worksheet is helpful for those who are homeschooling and for teachers to assign homework and printing out several of the sheets will allow you to practice writing the cursive “h” whenever you have some free time. The most important aspect of getting better at writing cursive is to practice and this applies when writing the cursive “h” as well.

Try one of the worksheets

We hope that you have found both the video and worksheet on how to write a cursive “h” useful. If you have, we’d appreciate you letting others know about this resource so they too can benefit from it. We hope to teach a lot of people to write cursive who may not have otherwise learned except for the online opportunity to do so. We’d also enjoy hearing directly from you with any suggestions on how we can improve this page and the resources on it. The more we hear from those who have used the video and worksheet, the easier it is for us to make adjustments and improve the overall page.