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Cursive R

For those who have been searching for information and resources about how to write a cursive capital R, you should find the information on this page useful. There are more people turning to the Internet to help them learn how to write cursive letters since a number of schools have decided to reduce the time dedicated to learning cursive in their curriculums. There are even instances where schools have completely eliminated cursive writing from their curriculum. Due to this trend, it’s becoming more important for free cursive resources to be available to anyone online who wants to learn.

This particular page focuses on the cursive capital R and provides two key resources to help. There’s a video that takes a student through the process of how to properly write a cursive capital R while also noting the areas where mistakes are sometimes made. There’s also a cursive capital R worksheet that provides traceable lines to help get the proper stroke down and allow for as much practice as a student needs to master writing this letter. Both the video and worksheet use D’Nealian cursive to teach how to write a cursive capital R. D’Nealian cursive is what the majority of schools in the US teach making it a familiar cursive font to most. It’s also one of the more basic cursive fonts which makes it easier to master than fonts that are more intricate.

How to Write a Cursive Capital “R”

The best way to begin writing the cursive capital R isn’t to immediately begin writing it. Although it may seem a bit odd, the best first step is to spend time watching a video about the proper way to write the cursive capital R. By sitting back and watching the proper way to write this cursive letter, you’ll have a visual of the correct stroke for when you begin writing it yourself. You’ll also get to see where those first learning to write this letter can make mistakes so you can avoid these when you do begin to write. It’s recommended that you watch the video through a minimum of a few times, but feel free to watch as many times as you need until you feel confident you can write it on your own.

How to Write a Capital R in Cursive

After taking the time to watch the video a few times, you should be ready to try to write a cursive capital R on your own. The first time you do this, it makes sense to do so by using a cursive capital R worksheet in conjunction with watching the video again. The video will help you with the proper stroke and avoiding mistakes while the cursive Q worksheet will allow you to trace the letter at the same time reinforcing your confidence. Do this as many times as necessary until you feel comfortable trying to write the cursive capital R entirely on your own. Once you reach this point, it’s a matter of finding the time to practice until you’re confident you’ve mastered it. If you feel at any point that something isn’t quite right, definitely go back to the video and worksheet resources to confirm the correct way to write the cursive capital R.

Try one of the worksheets

We hope that you were able to utilize the provided resources to master how to write a cursive capital R. If you found the video and worksheet beneficial in learning to write a capital R in cursive, we hope you’ll tell others about this page and website. We want to make sure anyone with an interest in learning how to write cursive can find helpful resources at no cost. This includes teachers who want to help their students practice cursive outside the classroom, parents who want their kids to learn cursive through homeschooling, and anyone else with an interest in cursive writing. We’d also appreciate any feedback (both positive and negative) that can help us improve this page to make it even better in the future