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If you’re interested in learning how to write a cursive “k”, you’ve come to the correct place. Cursive writing isn’t being taught in as many schools as it was in the past, and even in the schools where it’s still taught, the amount of time spent on the cursive writing curriculum is dwindling. The result is that more and more people are turning to online cursive resources to learn how to properly write cursive letters. We created this page, and the entire website, with the goal of providing quality cursive writing resources for teachers and homeschooling parents. While this particular page is devoted to teaching how to write a cursive “k”, you can find similar video and worksheet resources for each letter of the cursive alphabet in the links in the sidebar.

For those who are learning or teaching cursive letters, it’s important to note that there are actually quite a few different cursive fonts and styles. This is important to know because not any one style of font is more correct than another. On this page, we have decided to use D’Nealian cursive since it’s the type of cursive usually taught to students in school, and it’s a basic cursive font that provides a quality foundation in cursive writing. The D’Nealian cursive “k” is the specific letter that is being taught on this webpage.

How to Write a Lowercase Cursive “k”

A fair warning to all those who’re getting ready to learn how to write a cursive “k” is that it’s one of the most difficult lowercase cursive letters to master. That means that you’ll likely have to spend extra time and effort practicing to get to the point where you feel confident that you’ve mastered writing the cursive “k”. For this reason, it makes sense to spend some time watching a video of how to properly write a cursive “k” before you try to jump in and begin writing it yourself. Pay special attention to the common mistakes beginners make when learning this letter and watch it several times so that you get a good feel of the writing stroke before attempting it on your own. By taking the time to watch the proper way to write a D’Nealian cursive “k”, you’ll likely avoid making a lot of mistakes you’d later have to correct if you simply tried to write it on your own. The below video gives a good overview of the proper way to write a cursive “k” and the common pitfalls beginners have with it.

Video showing how to write the Lowercase letter "k" in cursive

Once you’ve spent some time closely watching the proper way to write a cursive “k”, the next step is to begin trying to write it on your own. Since this is one of the more difficult cursive letters to master, it makes sense to begin your writing in unison with the video. Writing along with the video will help you learn the correct stroke to make when writing a cursive “k” and it should help to build your confidence with this letter.You should continue doing this multiple times in unison with the video until you feel confident you can write the cursive “k” on your own.

While it may seem easier to simply pick up the nearest notebook or paper to begin writing, it may make more sense to download and print a cursive “k” worksheet to help you master this letter. The worksheet will provide a dotted cursive “k” that you can follow and trace to make it easier to understand and write when you’re first beginning. Again, using the worksheet in combination with the video will greatly help you get over the initial difficulties that come with learning the cursive “k”. The cursive “k” worksheet is also a wonderful resource for teachers and parents homeschooling that will allow those learning to practice on their own. Since this is a difficult cursive letter to master, you’ll likely want to print off more copies of this worksheet than you did with previous letters as it will take more time and more practice to master.

Try one of the worksheets

It’s our hope that both the cursive “k” printable worksheet and how-to video were helpful tools to learn how to write this difficult cursive letter. Our goal is to make this a top-quality online resource for teachers, homeschool parents, and anyone else who has a desire to learn the cursive alphabet. We’d greatly appreciate you passing on this page to any others who you feel could benefit from it if you found the video and worksheet resources valuable in your cursive letter learning. We also welcome constructive comments (both positive and negative) on how we can make this page better for future visitors. The more quality feedback we receive, the easier it is for us to implement changes to continue to make this cursive “k” writing resource the best that it can be.