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There’s been a trend of cursive being taught less to students at school. It wasn’t that long ago that every student in the US learned how to write in cursive, but that’s starting to change. While most schools still teach cursive writing, some schools have started to reduce the number of hours it’s taught. A few schools have gone so far as to completely eliminate it from the curriculum. This trend has made it even more vital for there to be free online resources that help teach cursive writing. It’s with this in mind that Cursive Letters was created, with this page focusing on how to write a cursive capital Y.

The good news for those wanting to learn how to write a cursive capital Y is that it isn’t one of the more difficult cursive letters to master. The bad news is it’s also not one of the easier cursive letters to learn. With the cursive Y falling somewhere in the middle on the scale of difficulty to master, you’ll need to spend some time to master it, but with a good effort, it shouldn’t be too difficult to do so. To help you along with this educational journey, we provide two important resources to help you with your learning. The first is a video that instructs the proper way to write a cursive Y while also noting the mistakes you need to avoid when first learning to write this letter. The second resource is a cursive capital Y worksheet. The cursive Y worksheet has example letters you’re able to trace so you can master exactly how it should look when writing it on your own. Both the video and worksheet are done in D’Nealian cursive since that’s the cursive font typically taught to students in the US.

How to Write a Cursive Capital “Y”

Before you sit down to write a cursive capital Y with a pencil and paper, you want to watch a video on how to write the cursive Y. In fact, you want to watch this video a number of times. Much like watching a teacher properly write the letter on the chalkboard, the video will do the same. It’ll also point to the little mistakes that students often make when writing this letter so you know to avoid them even before you begin to write. The more time you can spend studying the video and the proper way to write a capital Y in cursive, the better prepared you’ll be when you actually sit down to write it. Continue to watch the video until you reach a point where you feel confident you know how to exactly to write it, and then you’ll be ready to incorporate the second resource into your learning.

How to Write a Capital Y in Cursive

After simply watching the video, the next step is to watch the video while also using a cursive capital Y worksheet. You can download and print the cursive Y worksheet below. This time you’ll watch the video again, but you’ll use the cursive capital Y worksheet to trace the letters on it as the teacher in the video does so. This will help you make sure you’re correctly writing the stroke of the letter and that you aren’t making any of the little mistakes that come with the cursive Y. Continue to use the worksheet with the video until you are confident you can write the cursive capital Y without the help of the video or worksheet. Once you reach this point, you’re ready to practice on your own whenever you have a free moment, but never forget to refer back to the worksheet and video from time to time to make sure you continue to properly write it.

Try one of the worksheets

Using both the worksheet and video resources, it shouldn’t be too long before you’re able to master the cursive capital Y. If these resources were beneficial in your learning. please consider letting others know about them so they can take advantage of them as well. These can benefit parents who homeschool their kids and want to create a cursive writing curriculum for them. It can also be useful to teachers who want to have their students work on letters a bit more outside the classroom, or for students who need some extra time in order to master a certain cursive letter. The more people who know about this website and the cursive letter resources, the more who can eventually master cursive writing which is our ultimate goal. In the same vein, if you have ideas or comments on changes we could make to create even better cursive letter resources, we’d love to hear your ideas.