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There are more and more schools in the US that are dropping their cursive writing curriculum or vastly cutting it back. We feel this is quite unfortunate since we see cursive writing as an important part of everyone’s writing education. With that in mind, we have created this free website with the sole purpose of helping those who’re interested in learning how to write cursive and provide free online cursive related resources to teachers and homeschool parents so they can better teach cursive to their students and kids. These cursive resources include video tutorials on how to write cursive letters, free cursive letter printables to use to practice, and other cursive information to help anyone with an interest in cursive writing to learn how to write and read it. This particular page is devoted to teaching how to write the cursive “n”.

Most people in the US who learned cursive in school were taught how to write D’Nealian cursive. There are many different cursive fonts besides this one and all of them are correct cursive, but we have chosen to concentrate on teaching D’Nealian cursive here since it’s what most people already know and it’s one of the more basic cursive fonts. The nice aspect about D’Nealian cursive is that if you can learn it, you’ll have a good foundation to learn any of the fancier cursive styles if you ever so desire. You can find how to write any letter in the alphabet in cursive (both lowercase and uppercase) in the links in the sidebar, but this particular page will teach you how to write a D’Nealian cursive “n”.

How to Write a Lowercase Cursive “n”

For those who have been learning the cursive alphabet in order from “a” to “z”, you’ll be happy to know that the cursive “n” is one of the easier cursive letters to learn. While you’ll still need to put in both time and effort to feel confident writing it, and eventually master this letter, it shouldn’t be overly difficult to succeed. The best first step you can take to properly learn how to write this letter is to watch a video of if being correctly written. While there will be a temptation to try to write it on your own before watching a video, taking the time to watch the video first will be quite beneficial. It will show you the proper stroke for the cursive “n” as well as mistakes that beginners often make with this letter. Watching the video will help you more quickly master the correct stroke while avoiding common mistakes.

Video showing how to write the Lowercase letter "n" in cursive

After watching the video a few times, you should be ready to attempt to write a cursive “n”. Instead of diving straight in and attempting to write it on your own, it’s worthwhile to write it while simultaneously watching the video again. Writing with the video will confirm that you’re writing the cursive “n” correctly and it’ll help with your overall stroke. For those who feel quite confident with their cursive writing, you can do this on any paper or notebook you have around and you’ll quickly know whether or not you have the basics for the cursive “n” down. From there it’s merely a matter of practicing it a bit more to become proficient.

Another great way to proceed is to use a cursive “n” worksheet in combination with the video. This will give you a bit of extra help as the cursive “n” printable will have dotted lines you can trace as you watch the video and write. The cursive worksheet is also great to have when you’re practicing on your own at a later time without the video, again giving you some direction by having the dotted lines to trace if needed. The cursive “n” printable is a wonderful online resource for teachers who have a desire to encourage their students to practice at home. For parents who homeschool, the cursive “n” worksheet is a fundamental resource that they can give to their kids so the kids can practice their cursive skills on their own until they are confident enough to write it without any additional help.

Try one of the worksheets

It’s our deep hope that you found the information and resources on this page helpful in your effort to learn or teach how to write a cursive “n”. For those who found the cursive video informative and interesting, found the cursive “n” printable worksheet useful and easy to follow, and overall had a good experience with the information and resources provided on this page, we encourage you to let others know about these free online cursive resource. In addition, please feel free to take the time to contact us to let us know any ideas you have to make this page more useful to yourself and others. It’s by hearing from users like you that we can implement more information and resources to make learning to write the cursive “n” as easy as possible.