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For anyone who is looking for information on the proper way to write a cursive “t”, you’ve arrived at the right place. This entire website was created with the goal of helping people learn how to write cursive letters and this specific page was created to help everyone learn how to write a cursive “t”. With an increasing number of schools reducing, and sometimes even eliminating, their cursive writing classes, more and more people are turning to online resources to help them learn the correct way to write a cursive “t”. With the reduction of time spent teaching how to write curive, it’s our hope that this page can be a valuable resource for those who have a desire to learn how to properly write a lowercase cursive t.

There are many reasons you may have stumbled across this page. You may be someone who is simply interested in learning how to write cursive letters and the cursive “t” in particular. You could be a homeschooling parent who is looking for resources to help your children learn the art of cursive writing. You may also be a teacher who is looking for quality cursive writing information and worksheets to help your students practice on their own at home. Whatever the reason may be, we hope that the cursive “t” video in conjunction with the cursive “t” worksheet will provide ample instruction and practice so that anyone with the need can learn the correct way to write a cursive “t”.

One issue that those first learning to write cursive often fail to consider is that there are actually a lot of different cursive fonts that exist. While no one cursive font is inherently better than any of the others, this page uses D’Nealian cursive to teach how to write a cursive “t” since it’s the font most often used to teach children in school. Another advantage of D’Nealian cursive is that it’s a basic cursive font without many of the fancy embellishments found on other cursive fonts. This makes it easier for beginners to learn it and provides a wonderful foundation for those who want to learn to write some of the fancier cursive fonts in the future.

How to Write a Lowercase Cursive “t”

The good news for those wanting to learn how to write a cursive “t” is that it’s one of the easier lowercase cursive letters to master. Even so, it will take some time, practice, and repetition to ultimately master it, but with a bit of concentrated effort, it shouldn’t be too difficult to get it quickly mastered. Before diving directly into trying to write it, the best first step is to take the time to watch a video of how to write a cursive “t”. In addition to showing you the proper way to write it, the video also takes the time to point out some of the more common mistakes that beginners make when first trying to write the cursive “t”. By taking the time to see the correct way to write it while also seeing the mistakes to avoid, you put yourself in a much better position to quickly learn this letter when you do begin to start writing it on paper.

Video showing how to write the Lowercase letter "t" in cursive

It makes sense to watch the video several times before moving onto using a pencil and paper. Once you’re ready for this step, it still can be useful to watch the video while writing the cursive “t” for the first few times. This will allow you to follow the proper technique while also ensuring that the more common mistakes are avoided. An additional step to take to make the learning process easier is to download and print out a cursive “t” worksheet. This will allow you to trace the cursive “t” to help make sure that you’re writing the letter correctly and help you to see where you may be deviating from the proper form. You should continue to use the cursive “t” worksheet while watching the video until you feel confident enough to try to write this letter on your own. Even after graduating to this next step, it can still be helpful to revert back to the video and worksheet from time to time to make sure you haven’t accidentally adopted some of the common bad habits.

Try one of the worksheets

We’d be quite interested in learning how you have come to this page and how you have used it to help you with your cursive learning. We know that teachers have used it to give more instruction and practice to their students, homeschool parents have used it to create a cursive writing curriculum for their kids, and individuals have used it to try and learn cursive on their own. If you have used the video and cursive “t” worksheet in another way, it would be helpful for us to know so that we can better understand how those visiting this page are using these resources. This can help us make improvements to them and continue to make them better and more useful to everyone. All comments (both positive and negative) are welcome so we can make these resources the best they can be.