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Cursive C

For those attempting to learn cursive letters, it takes time to learn all of them. Those who are trying to learn the cursive capital C, this is the page that you’re looking for as this page was created for exactly that reason. There are actually a wide variety of cursive fonts out there and all of them are perfectly acceptable, but this page focuses on teaching D’Nealian cursive since it’s the cursive writing that’s most often taught to school children. Since D’Nealian cursive is a simple and basic cursive font, it makes learning it easier than some of the other more ornate cursive fonts, and this also helps in the learning process.

How to Write a Cursive Capital “C”

The good news is that of all the capital cursive letters, the cursive capital C is one of the easier ones on the list. As with all cursive letters, there are a few areas where you need to take care when first learning to write a cursive C to avoid the mistakes that beginners commonly make. With a bit of practice, however, you should be able to master writing the cursive capital C without too much difficulty. One of the best ways to learn the correct way to write a cursive capital C is to watch a video demonstrating the correct way that also shows some of the more common mistakes people make. This way you can avoid them even before you put pen to paper.

How to write the capital letter C in cursive

Watching the video on how to write a cursive capital C should give you the proper technique that you can now use to practice. Before trying it entirely on your own, it often makes sense to write out the cursive C in unison while watching the video again. Doing this will ensure you’re not making any of the common mistakes, and it should help you ultimately master writing it more quickly. Once you feel confident, you can then begin practicing writing the cursive capital C on your own anytime you have free time. If you need a little more structure when learning, you can also use a cursive capital C worksheet while watching the video and on your own. This is a wonderful way to practice writing the cursive C when you have free time.

Try one of the worksheets

It’s our hope that this page has been helpful in your quest to master the cursive capital C and that you now have the confidence to write this cursive letter on your own. If you have any suggestions or ideas on how we can make this page, video, and worksheet even more helpful to you and your cursive learning, please don’t hesitate to contact us and let us know. We’re always looking to improve this page so anyone wanting to learn how to write a cursive capital C can do so in the easiest way possible.