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While cursive isn’t being taught as frequently as it was a generation ago, that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth learning. In fact, it’s actually a skill that can help you stand out a bit in a crowd these days. There are more and more people who don’t know how to read or write cursive letters, but we’re here to help you learn. This particular page is dedicated to helping you learn how to write a cursive “c”.

The first thing to understand about cursive writing is that there isn’t a single correct way to write cursive letters. There are a large number of different cursive fonts that range from basic and simple to difficult and fancy. While this at first may be a bit confusing, it’s actually one of the points that make cursive such a fun writing style to learn. Cursive allows you to create your own personal flair and add it to your writing once you have mastered the basics. With this in mind, we’ll be teaching D’Nealian cursive when practicing the cursive “c” since this is the most commonly taught cursive in US schools.

How to Write a Lowercase Cursive “c”

For anyone who knows how to write a printed “c”, learning how to write a cursive “c” should be pretty easy and straight forward. Of the many letters in the alphabet, the cursive “c” is one of the easier ones to master since it looks so similar to its printed version. That being said, there are a few small details that can cause issues when you’re first learning to write a cursive “c” that you need to be aware of and be careful not to get into the habit of doing. To avoid these common mistakes, it’s important to understand the proper way to write a cursive “c” which we have provided in the below video.

Video showing how to write the Lowercase letter "c" in cursive

Once you have watched the video a few times and feel comfortable with the basics of how a cursive “c” is written, the next step is to get you to actually write a cursive “c” yourself. If you have a notebook, you can take that out and watch the video again, following along with how the cursive “c” is written as shown in the video. If you feel more comfortable tracing a cursive “c” to get the hang of how it feels to write, we also have a cursive “c” worksheet available to download and print (see below). You can use this to follow along with the video or you can use it to practice on your own when you have a few free moments anytime during the day. As with all cursive letters, the more time you spend practicing how to write a cursive “c”, the sooner you’ll be comfortable writing this letter and master it.

Try one of the worksheets

It’s our hope that by watching the video and using the worksheet, you’ll be able to quickly master writing a cursive “c” with just a little bit of time and practice. Once you feel comfortable writing a cursive “c” on your own, you’ll be ready to move onto the other cursive letters in the alphabet. If you found this page to be helpful, please take a moment to contact us and let us know. In addition, if you have ideas or suggestions on how we can improve this page to make learning the cursive “c” easier for all, we’d love to hear your ideas. The ultimate goal of this page is to make learning to write a cursive “c” as easy and fun as possible so we’re always looking for ways to improve this page.