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For all those who have been looking for information and resources on how to write cursive letters, you’ll be happy to know that’s exactly what this website offers. This particular page focuses on how to write the cursive capital S. It’s important to have free online cursive letter resources because more schools are limiting the amount of time spent teaching the cursive alphabet as part of their curriculum. In some cases, schools are eliminating cursive writing altogether. It’s with this trend in mind that this page provides information and resources on how to write a cursive capital S.

There are two main resources that can be found on this page. There’s a cursive capital S video that demonstrates the proper way to write a cursive S as well as pointing out mistakes that those learning to write this letter sometimes make. There’s also a cursive capital S worksheet that can help those learning to write a cursive capital S with trace lines and practice examples. Using both of these resources can help anyone learn the proper stroke when writing a cursive S and to eventually master it. While there are a large number of different cursive fonts that exist, this page uses D’Nealian cursive because it’s the cursive that’s most often used by teachers to teach students to write cursive letters in school. It’s also one of the more basic cursive styles which makes it less complicated to learn than some of the more intricate cursive fonts.

How to Write a Cursive Capital “S”

While many people who’re first learning to write a cursive capital S want to get directly into writing it onto paper to practice, it’s actually more beneficial to step back for a second and watch a video on how to properly write it. Since the cursive capital S is one of the more difficult capital cursive letters to master, spending time learning the proper stroke and the common pitfalls should make writing it on paper easier than jumping straight in. You should watch this video as many times as needed until you feel confident that you understand how to properly write it and you know what mistakes to avoid.

How to Write a Capital S in Cursive

Once you’ve watched the video on how to write a cursive capital S a few times, you should be ready to write it on paper. Instead of getting a regular sheet of paper, it makes sense to download and print out a cursive capital S worksheet. You can then use the worksheet in combination while watching the video to begin your practice writing. The capital cursive S worksheet will give you trace lines that can help you master the correct stroke and help you avoid making the mistakes associated with this letter. You should use the cursive worksheet in conjunction with the video until you reach the point you feel you can confidently write a cursive capital S without any resource help. You can then practice writing it on your own at any time you have free time, and you should refer back to the video or worksheet anytime you need a bit of a refresher on the proper way to write the cursive capital S.

Try one of the worksheets

The video and worksheet should have been useful in helping you learn and master how to write a cursive capital S. If this was the case, we’d encourage you to tell others and share these resources so others can benefit from them as well. We’re especially hopeful that teachers can find this page a helpful supplement and addition to their students when learning how to write a cursive capital S. The same goes for homeschooling parents who have a desire to teach cursive writing to their kids. No matter why you have decided to learn cursive writing, we hope you found this page beneficial and will share it with others. Along those same lines, if you have any ideas or suggestions on how we can improve this page and website, we’d love for you to contact us to let us know.