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More and more people have had to turn to online resources to learn how to write cursive letters. In the past, schools would teach students cursive writing as part of their curriculum, but more schools are reducing the amount of time they spend teaching their students how to write cursive. In some cases, cursive writing has been completely eliminated from the curriculum. It’s with this in mind we decided to create this website and offer a couple of free online tools for those interested in learning how to write the cursive alphabet on their own. One is a video that explains the proper way to write a cursive capital P and the other is a cursive capital P worksheet to help practice writing this letter. This website uses D’Nealian cursive letters since D’Nealian cursive is what most schools teach their students in the US. D’Nealian cursive is also a relatively basic cursive font which makes it easier to master compared to some of the fancier cursive fonts.

How to Write a Cursive Capital “P”

For those who are looking for information on how to write a cursive capital P, the best way to begin the learning process is to watch a video that shows how to do this. The benefit of watching a video is that you get to see the stroke which will help you write it correctly when you try on your own, and you also get to see the mistakes that those first learning sometimes make so you can avoid them before they become a habit. The cursive capital P is one of the easier capital cursive letters to learn, so you should be well on your way to mastering it once you’ve watched the video a couple of times.

How to Write a Capital P in Cursive

Watching a video is the first step to learning how to write a cursive capital P. The next step is to write it on your own with the help of a cursive capital P worksheet while watching the video. This will give you the opportunity to trace the correct stroke on the cursive P worksheet while watching it be properly written in the video. By doing this a few times you should be ready to write the cursive capital P completely on your own. Then it’s simply a matter of practicing in your free time until you feel you’ve mastered this letter. If you ever feel something isn’t quite right, you can always refer back to the video or the worksheet to confirm you’re correctly writing the cursive P.

Try one of the worksheets

Have you found the cursive capital P worksheet and video beneficial as you try to learn how to write a cursive P? If you have, we’d greatly appreciate it if you would pass along this page to anyone else you know who could also benefit from these free online cursive resources. We’re particularly hopeful that parents who homeschool their children can use these videos and worksheets to teach cursive while teachers can use this page to help their students practice writing cursive outside the classroom. If you didn’t find the resources useful, we’d be interested in hearing why and what changes we could make to create a better resource for all who are attempting to learn how to write the cursive capital P.