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This page has been created with the express purpose of helping anyone interested in learning how to write a cursive “u”. The website provides information on the proper way to write both lowercase and capital cursive letters with this particular page focusing on the lowercase cursive “u”. One of the reasons that online cursive writing resources are becoming more important is due to the fact that more schools are reducing the number of hours they spend teaching their students in class how to write cursive. In fact, there are some schools that are completely eliminating the cursive writing curriculum. It’s with this in mind that we have created this website to help anyone interested in learning how to write cursive. We hope to give the resources needed for anyone to do it on their own with this page specifically dedicated to how to write a cursive “u”.

There are a number of reasons you may have found your way to this page. It could be that you are an individual who has an interest in learning cursive writing and you’re looking for resources to help you do this. You could be a teacher who has students who need some extra practice writing the cursive “u” and you’re looking for online resources they can use to help them practice. You may be a parent who homeschools and you need resources to help teach your kids how to write cursive. It could be something not mentioned above, but whatever the reason may be, this page provides two free tools that should be of help. The first is a video that shows how to correctly write a cursive “u” along with some of the more common mistakes people make when first trying to write it. The second is a cursive “u” worksheet which will allow those learning to practice and trace a cursive “u” to help make sure it’s being properly written.

When it comes to cursive writing, there are actually a large number of different cursive fonts that exist. Many of these look completely different from one another, but none is more “correct” than any other. That being said, this page (and the entire website) uses D’Nealian cursive to show how to write cursive for two main reasons. The first is that it’s the cursive that most US schools use when teaching students how to write cursive. The second is that it’s one of the more basic cursive fonts so it’s not overly complicated for those who are first learning how to write cursive letters. Learning to write D’Nealian cursive should give anyone learning a good foundation on how to write cursive letters that they can use to expand into the fancier cursive fonts at a later date if they so choose.

How to Write a Lowercase Cursive “u”

Of all the lowercase letters in the alphabet, the cursive “u” is one of the less complicated cursive letters to master. With a little practice and time, it shouldn’t take too long to master the stroke for the cursive “u” if you’re willing to put in the effort. Even though it’s one of the easier cursive letters, it’s still best to learn how to write it by first watching the video on how to correctly do so. This will help give you a mental picture of how the cursive “u” should be written as well as pointers on how to avoid the common mistakes those first learning often make. By spending a bit of time watching the video several times, it should be much easier to write a cursive “u” when you use paper and a pencil than if you tried to do it without first watching the video.

Video showing how to write the Lowercase letter "u" in cursive

The best way to utilize the cursive “u” video is to actually watch it several times before you try to write it on your own. Once you reach the point where you feel comfortable with the stroke and the mistakes to avoid, you’re ready to begin writing it yourself, but that doesn’t mean you should close the video. It can be quite helpful to write a letter at the same time you watch the video to give yourself confidence and to make sure you are getting the stroke right. Even better is to download and print out a cursive “u” worksheet as this will allow you to trace the letter as you watch the video. The more time you spend using the cursive “u” worksheet while watching the video, the easier and faster you should master writing it. Then when you have confidence writing the cursive “u” you can begin writing it on your own without the help of the video or worksheet aid. Once you reach this point, it still can make sense to refer back to the video and worksheet from time to time to check and ensure you are continuing to correctly write it.

Try one of the worksheets

Did you find both the video and cursive “u” worksheet helpful to learn how to properly write a cursive “u”? Whether you did or didn’t, we’d be interested in hearing what you found valuable and what could use improvement. We’d also be interested in hearing how you found the page and how you used it, especially if you aren’t a teacher, a homeschool parent, or an individual trying to learn cursive on your own. The better we understand how and why people are using the video and worksheet resources, the better chance we have at making changes to improve them. The more information you’re willing to share, the more helpful it is to us to continue to improve these resources to help even more people master how to write a cursive “u”.