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It’s unfortunate that cursive writing isn’t being taught as often in school as it has in the past. We created this cursive letter page to help those who want to learn to write cursive letters if they didn’t have the opportunity to learn while at school. This is also an excellent resource for those who are homeschooling their kids and want them to learn how to write cursive. On this specific page, we concentrate on how to write the cursive “e”.

Before we specifically get into how to write a cursive “e”, it’s important for those learning to realize there are a wide variety of different cursive fonts that exist. No one font is better or more correct than the others meaning there is a wide variety of ways you can write cursive. In fact, one of the best things about cursive writing is your ability to take it and add your personal flair to make it exclusively your own once you know the basics of cursive writing. While there are a large number of different cursive styles, the one that’s taught at most US schools is D’Nealian cursive. With this being the case, we’ll use D’Nealian cursive to teach how to write a cursive “e” on this page.

How to Write a Lowercase Cursive “e”

The cursive “e” isn’t the easiest cursive letter to learn, but it’s certainly not the most difficult as well. While it looks similar to the printed “e”, there’s more of a tilt to it. There shouldn’t be too much trouble mastering how to write a cursive “e” if you’re patient and take the time to repeat and practice it. You’ll especially want to take note of some of the common mistakes that those first learning how to write a cursive “e” make so that you avoid making these mistakes when practicing. To help you see the proper way to write a cursive “e” and the mistakes that sometimes get made when writing it, we’ve created a video for you to watch. Taking the time to watch this video should help you to feel more comfortable when you do begin to write a cursive “e” on paper.

Video showing how to write the Lowercase letter "e" in cursive

After watching the video a few times and getting the gist of how to write a cursive “e”, you can then start to write the cursive “e” yourself. If you happen to have a notebook and pencil handy, grab those and play the video again. This time, write the cursive “e” along with the video to practice. By repeating this a number of times you should get a good feel on how to write a cursive “e” and avoid the common mistakes that many make when first learning to write this letter.

If you happen to learn better with a bit more structure, you may want to use our cursive “e” worksheet below which will give you dotted lines that you can trace while practicing writing this letter. It should be helpful to trace the “e” while watching the video until you get the confidence that you know how to write it, then you can practice on your own without the video. Printing out several cursive “e” worksheets will also allow you to practice when you have a few spare moments of free time during the day. As with all cursive letters, the best way to learn them is to practice as much as you can and this is true with the cursive “e” as well.

Try one of the worksheets

We’re quite happy that you found your way here because of your interest in learning cursive letter writing. We’d love to hear from you about your opinions on the cursive “e” video and the cursive “e” worksheet we created. This is especially true if you have suggestions on how we can make these even better for those wanting to learn how to write the cursive alphabet. Your feedback is important and helps us to continually improve this page and the website.