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There’s a good reason more people are turning to the Internet to find out information about cursive writing. Schools have started to trend away from teaching cursive writing. While the vast majority of schools still teach cursive as part of their curriculum, more schools have reduced the number of hours they devote to teaching cursive letters while some have gone so far as to completely eliminate cursive from their elementary school curriculum. With the trend of less time being spent at school teaching cursive, it’s vitally important that cursive writing resources are available for free online for those who have an interest in learning it. Cursive Letters came into being for this exact reason with this page being devoted to teaching how to write a cursive capital Z.

Although it’s the last letter of the alphabet and a letter not used in a huge number of words, the cursive capital Z is one of the letters that many have quite a bit of difficulty mastering. This means that you’ll need to spend more time and make more effort if you want to learn this cursive letter than you needed for most of the others. With that in mind, we have two important resources devoted to helping you overcome the difficulty and ultimately master the cursive Z. There’s a video that shows the proper way to write a cursive capital Z and it also shows how beginners learning this letter sometimes make mistakes when writing it. In addition, there’s a cursive capital Z worksheet with trace lines to help you correctly write the cursive Z. To teach the capital Z in cursive for both these resources, D’Nealian cursive is used. D’Nealian cursive is what’s commonly taught at schools in the US and what most people think of when they think about cursive letters.

How to Write a Cursive Capital “Z”

The standard impulse when learning a new cursive letter is to sit down and try to immediately write it out. This isn’t actually the best way to approach the problem. Before sitting down to write yourself, it’s actually best to sit down and watch a video on the proper way to write a cursive capital Z. This allows you to see exactly how you should be writing the letter while also getting the chance to note the mistakes you should avoid while writing it. Since the capital Z in cursive is a bit more difficult than most cursive letters, it makes sense to spend some extra time with the video to make sure you know it as well as possible before taking the next step in learning it. Once you’ve watched the video enough times that you feel you know how to write the cursive capital Z, you’ll be ready to continue on your practice journey.

How to Write a Capital Z in Cursive

You should have watched the video on how to write a cursive Z a good number of times. The next step is to download and print the cursive capital Z worksheet. One done, you can now use the worksheet in conjunction with the video to truly master this letter. While watching the video, write along with the teacher using the traced Z lines on the worksheet. This will ensure you are using the correct stroke and that you aren’t accidentally making the mistakes that beginners make with the cursive Z. You should continue to use the worksheet while watching the video until you’re confident that you can write the cursive capital Z without the help of either. At this point, you’re ready to practice writing the cursive capital Z on your own until you’ve truly mastered it. There will likely be a time or two while you practice that you’ll need to refer back to the video or worksheet to confirm you’re still doing it correctly, and this is something that you absolutely should do.

Try one of the worksheets

Did you find the cursive capital Z worksheet and video helpful resources in your quest to learn how to write a cursive Z? If you did, please consider taking the time to let others know about these resources so they can benefit from them as well. If you’re a parent that’s homeschooling your kids, the information should help you create a cursive writing curriculum that you can teach them so they can learn this skill. For teachers, these resources can be useful in giving your students extra cursive writing practice at home or to help a student who may need a bit of extra practice to better master this letter. The ultimate goal is to help all who are interested in learning cursive so they can have cursive writing as a lifelong skill. For all those who have used this page, please take a moment to let us know what you think of it and any ideas you have that could make it even better.