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There was a time when anybody attending elementary school would graduate knowing cursive writing. While it’s still the case that most students learn cursive writing at school, there’s a trend developing where it’s no longer guaranteed. Some schools have limited the time spent teaching cursive letters to students while a few have completely eliminated cursive from their curriculum. Combine these changes with more children being homeschooled and there are more people looking online to learn how to write cursive. That’s exactly the service this website provides with this particular page dedicated to teaching how to write the cursive capital X.

Learning how to write a cursive capital X isn’t too complicated if you have the correct resources at your disposal. There are two main resources provided on this page to help you master the cursive X which should help quite a bit if you choose to take advantage of them. There’s a video that goes into detail on how to properly write the cursive capital X while also taking the time to show common mistakes to avoid that beginners often make. There’s also a cursive capital X worksheet that gives examples as well as traceable examples to help you learn the correct stroke. Both of these tools used together should put you well on your way to mastering the cursive capital X. D’Nealian cursive, which is what is taught to most students in the US and is what most people think of when they talk about cursive, is the cursive font being taught.

How to Write a Cursive Capital “X”

Before diving straight into trying to write a cursive capital X, there’s a better approach that should ultimately help you master this letter a bit more quickly. The best course of action is to first watch a video that shows how to properly write the cursive capital X so that you have a good familiarity with the stroke. The video will also point out the common errors made so you can internalize these and avoid them before you even begin to write so they’re never an issue. The more time you’re willing to spend watching the video, the better prepared you’ll be when you decide to move onto actually writing the cursive X by hand. When you’ve watched enough to where you feel confident you know how to write the X in cursive, you’re ready to move on to utilize the second resource.

How to Write a Capital X in Cursive

Step two in the learning process is to print out a cursive capital X worksheet. This worksheet will have traceable letters and these are what you want to concentrate on first. While watching the video again, follow the stroke of the teacher over the traceable cursive capital X so that you get the feel of the stroke and you avoid all the common errors. Continue you to do this until you feel confident enough to write the cursive X without tracing it. Once you have spent time with the video and worksheet and feel you know how to write the cursive capital X without the help of either, you’re ready to practice on your own when you have free time. Continue to practice while referring back to the video and worksheet from time to time to make sure you have it right until you eventually master the cursive X.

Try one of the worksheets

If you were able to use the cursive capital X worksheet and video to help you learn how to master writing the cursive X, please let others know about this page so they can benefit from the resources as well. We’re hopeful that one day teachers will use this page to help students study at home and to help students having a bit of trouble to better learn the letter. We hope that parents who homeschool their kids will use this along with the other pages on this website to teach them the entire cursive alphabet. Letting others know about these free online worksheets and videos will help ensure that anyone with a desire to learn cursive can do so with a bit of effort. We’d also appreciate any comments or suggestions on ways we can improve this page and the video and worksheet to continue to make them the best that we can.